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Diamond Club Award Trophy

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Sometimes the words “congratulations” or “Thank you ” are not enough to adequately express your feelings. That’s why we suggest topping it up with a trophy. More specifically a Diamond Club award trophy. Gifting or awarding somebody with a trophy is an assurance that your appreciation will be remembered forever. Why? Because there lies the physical representation of your message.

Do you think it is important to give recognition awards? We do. We believe that awards communicate the recognition of the efforts made by a specific individual or a team. And this kind of recognition is crucial in the work place. There are many reasons as to why you should invest in awarding your employees. But before we get to that, let us fill you in on everything you need to know about our Diamond Club award trophies.

Trophy Award Value vs. Trophy Cost

Diamond Club Award Trophy

Is a Diamond Club Award Trophy worth it? That is the big question. Before making any decision, about a purchase, the cost to be incurred is a crucial factor to consider. And we understand that. However, what we want you to consider as well is the trophy award value. What do we mean? Think about the following:


• Why is a trophy going to be awarded? Maybe to commemorate a special event or a significant accomplishment.
• How will the receiver of the trophy feel? Perhaps happy, appreciated or grateful to be recognized.
• What will the trophy represent in the receiver’s life? It will be a reminder of their accomplishments or milestones achieved.


When you stop thinking of a Diamond Club Award Trophy as just another decorative item and put meaning to it based on what it represents, you can clearly see the difference. Only then will you truly understand the value of a trophy award. Compared to their commercial value, trophies carry immense personal value. And that is what matters most.


Now ask that question again. Is a Diamond Club Award Trophy worth it? Yes, it is.

Trophy Award Packing Tips

Our biggest challenge in the business of trophy awards is ensuring that they get to you as they should: in one piece. Trophy awards are usually a tricky fair when it comes to their packing and shipping. And a Diamond Club Award Trophy is no exception. Here is why:

1. Trophies do not have a perfect balance.
The bottom of trophies is made of a piece of marble, while the rest of it is a figurine of lightweight material. As you can guess when packing a trophy, there will be more weight on one end than the other. Hence, when put in a box the package will be unstable and fall to the heavier end.

2. There is no trophy packing material that is perfect across the board.
Every trophy packing material has its strengths and weakness. Bubble wrap is relatively good at protecting trophies from scratches, but it is considerably expensive. Crushed paper for packing is affordable, but it does not do an excellent job of filling voids in the trophy package. Packing peanuts are perfect for filling any voids, but they tend to shift a lot during the shipping of the package.

3. It is impossible for us to have standardized packaging.
Why? Because we do not get standardized orders. One client may order one Diamond Club Award Trophy, and another may order a dozen. A standardized packaging would mean irrespective of the number of items the packaging process and fit are the same. However, with our trophy award orders, we have to study every order and come up with the best possible fit for its packaging.

As you can see, the packaging process can be labor intensive and costly. But the above challenges do not stand in our way. Our packing experts have come up with the most effective way to pack and ship trophies. Here are our trophy award packing tips:


• We use new 200-pound test cardboard boxes for every order.
• We first fill the bottom of the box with about an inch of corn-starch packing peanuts.
• A layer of cardboard is then put above the bottom filling.
• Next, we wrap your trophy or trophies in bubble wrap.
• The trophies are then strategically placed inside the box to ensure the weight is centered.
• Next, come crunched newsprint stuffed around the trophy or trophies inside the box.
• Packing peanuts are then added to fill any voids around the trophies.
• A final cardboard is placed on top.
• More packing peanuts are added on top of the cardboard and then the box is closed and taped tightly.


Our trophy award packing process ensures that the trophies to be shipped are provided with a crush zone at the bottom, the sides and the top. This is a guarantee that your Diamond Club Award Trophy will get to you in one piece.

Employee Recognition

Finally, we are back to the beginning: Employee recognition and its importance in the work environment. Do you remember when you were in pre-school and you brought home your stick figure drawings to show your parents? And they would say, good job! Remember that feeling, that good feeling?

That is exactly how employee recognition feels like, whether it is to a specific individual or a team. When you recognize the efforts of your employees:
• The recognized individuals feel proud of their efforts, and this serves as a motivation to keep excelling.
• The pride of the recognized employees influences a positive wave among other employees to put in the effort as well in their work to gain similar recognition.
• With every employee setting their best forth, the business will meet and even exceeds its goals.


Award trophies have the ability to make any event or occasion much more special and memorable. And our understanding of the importance of awards makes us your best source. Our customized trophies will represent the value of the message. And we guarantee they will arrive at you in one piece.

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